Koo, Bon A




B.F.A in Oriental Painting, College of Fine Arts, Hongik University (Seoul, Korea)

M.F.A in Oriental Painting, College of Fine Arts, Hongik University (Seoul, Korea)

Ph.D. in Fine Arts, College of Fine Arts, Hongik University (Seoul, Korea)

Solo Exhibition

2014   無爲而無不爲 (Dynasty Gallery ,Taipei, Taiwan)

2013   The bird winding the spring (Gong Art Space Sun Gwang Art Museum-Sponsored by the  

           Incheon Culture & Art Foundation)

          ‘The Silent Spring ’(Irrelevant Imagination, ddung Gallery)

2012   ‘KOOISM' (Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, China)

          Solo Exhibition(SinsegaeGallery,Incheon,Korea)

2011   ‘Remnants of Time and Existence’ (DaeWoo Finance Yeok-sam Satation Gallery,

            Seoul, Korea)

          ‘Oasis’ ( Kang-rung Museum, Kang-rung, Korea )

          ‘Time’s Teeth’ (Grimson Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2009   'Scenery of the Ruins'(Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea- Sponsored by the           

          Korean Culture & Art Foundation)

          Color of Memory'(Korean Culture Center , Paris, France, Remarkable Artist of the year )

2007   'Ancient Future' ( Hongik University, Contemporary Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2006   ‘Of Lost Things’(Lotte Art Gallery (avenuel)-Seoul, Korea Lotte Art Gallery- Ilsan, Korea -

          Sponsored by the(Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation and the Korean Culture & Art Foundation)

          Solo Exhibition (SongEun Gallery, Seoul, Korea, the SongEun Arts & Culture Foundation)

2005   Solo Exhibition (Forum Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany)

2004   Conversations with Substance’ (Noam Gallery, Seoul, Korea - Sponsored by the Korean

          Culture & Art Foundation)

          Solo Exhibition (Artinus Gallery - Sponsored by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation)

2002   Solo Exhibition (Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea)


Selected Group Exhibitions

2014   Into the nature (Irorimura Gallery, Osaka, Japan)

          The East comes brighter(Insa Art Center)

          Addo Space Opening Exhibition Space (Space Addo)

          Gangneung Wonju National University of Fine Arts and professor Exhibition

          Gangneung Museum)

          BEYOND'宋永貨 & KOO BON A (Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, China)

          Youth Art Nova 100 Hong Kong Station (Chinese Contemporary Art Promotion Centre

         (CCAP),K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong)

          Exhibition of Goyang cultural foundation emerging artist's awards 19 (Aram art museum))

          The Four door (Citizen Agency, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)

          Su sin, Je ga, Chi guk, Pyeongcheonha (Chosun Ilbo Gallery)

          Art burn; Jim-Bleeding into art,(Incheon Art Platform)

          Ba ram nan Art (Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)

2013   Guro Art Valley overview of the 5th anniversary ' hojeopjimong'  (Guro Arts Valley)

          Garage Sale-platform (Incheon Art Platform)

          Spring comes (POSCO E & C Art Gallery)

          12 grounds (Gong-pyeong Art Center)

          Uncovering local art (Bupyeong Art Center)

          New Year's cruise (Shinsegae Gallery)

          Reported results of Incheon Art Platform Resident artists (Incheon Art Platform)

          "観 ○ 光"-Kan ○ Hikari ART EXPO (Tokyo, Kyoto (Sen nyuji), Japan)

2012   Artist Residency Incheon Art Platform Preview (Incheon Art Platform)

          八 色 居 词 (OCI Museum of Art)

          別★同行 (Pohang City Central Hall, Gunsan civic cultural center,

          Gwangyang Cultural Arts Center)

          HEXAGRAM (Art Forum New Gate)

          Earth's banranjeon (Urania Museum of Art, Korea Culture Center, Berlin)

          Forest (Insa Art Center)

          white space (Topho house)

          Westerly wind carrying the scent of ink (Incheon Culture & Arts Center)

          Summer Living Color(Gong Art Space)

          Youth Art 100 (nova) - (悦美术馆, 圣之艺术空间, Arario Gallery, Beijing)

          Incheon Art Platform Residency Open Studio - "Come to see me ' (Incheon Art Platform)

          Korea China Alternating Cold Exhibition 'breath and pause' (Yujung Art Center)

          'BACK HWA NO BANG' (白花 怒放) (Yang Pyong Prefectural Museum of Art)

          KIAF- Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)

          Peace Art Project - Peace on the water (Boundary on the water)

          (Incheon Culture & Arts Center)

2011   OCI Museum Art Studio, open studio (OCI Art Gallery Art Studio)

          游 于 仁川-Young Artists of Incheon (Incheon, Korea – Incheon Art Platform)

          The 30th anniversary of Gangnam University in painting

          (University of Gangnam showroom)

          1004 ART (baleunsesang gallery in Seoul)

          Mind of the Landscape (Seoul Museum of Art)

          ‘Life’ Group Exhibit of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese artists, Boon A Koo,  Wang Ching,

          and Hueda Aki (Shun Gallery, Shanghai, China)

          Pink Art Fair (Seoul, Korea, COEX Intercontinental Hotel)

          KIAF Korea International Art Fair (Seoul, Korea, COEX)

          ‘Terra Incognita’ (Bupyeong Art Center, Incheon, Korea,

          Incheon Women’s Art Biennial Show)

          ‘Love 104'’ ( Insa Art Center)

          ‘Accidental Inspiration’ Incheon Korean Art Festival (Incheon, Korea,

          Incheon Culture and Arts Center)

          Korean painting Stands in the old courtyard.( Seoul Art Center-Hangaram

          Museum, Seoul, Korea)

          ‘Accompanied’ (Korean Culture Center in Japan, Gallery Mi, Tokyo, Japan)

          Art.metz (Metz,France)

          Seoul Arts High School Alumni Fellows Exhibition (Kips gallery, New York,  USA)

          A garage sale of the Platform (Incheon Art Platform)

          ART to DESIGN (Insa Art Center)

2010   Inner Strength(Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, , USA)

          Comparaision 2010 ( Grand Palais, Paris, France)

          ‘Painting over Flowers’ (Spring Gallery,)

          'Empathy '- Goyang Cultural Foundation award-Winner Exhibition

          (Goyang Oullm Nuri Art Center)

          Explore the future of Korea - Andong Cultural & Art Center Planning 

          exhibition (Andong Cultural & Art Center, Andong, Korea)

          Korea and Japan which Woman see’s (Korean Culture Center in Japan, 

          Gallery Mi, Tokyo, Japan)

          Circulation Art Project ART and ENVIRONMENT (M-50 Shun Art Gallery. Shanghai, China)

          Jang Heung Art Park -Chocolate Box 2010 Spring Asian artist exhibition -

          'All the Scenes of the World' (Jang Heung Art Park Museum)

          ‘Seeking Directions from Indian Ink’ 2010 Korea sounds Cultural Center 

          Planning exhibition(Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do)

          Look at the world with bamboo in my heart (Moran Gallery, sponsored by Korea

          Broadcasting System, Korea Art Association))

2009   JUST.ART –(Sung kok Museum, )

          HOTEL ROOM – Il Hyun Museum(Eul Ji Foundation Building)

          Shanghai Art Fair (Shanghai, China)

          YOUNG ARTISTS JAPAN Art Fair-(TAGBOAT GAIIERY, Tokyo, Japan)

          Oriental painting Millennium Exhibition ( Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea, Hangaram Museum)

          Yeo Baik Group Exhibition(Kangnung National Museum)

          Homcoming YAP (Gallery Jung)

2008   Korea & China Women’s Artist Group Exhibition(Korean Culture Center,Beijing, China)

          ISM OF DELICACY(TENTATIVE) ( SHUN ART Gallery, CAN ART Gallery, Shanghai, China)

          Forget Me Not-(I-MYU PROJECTS, London, UK)

          London Forum Art fair(Olympia Exhibition Centre, London, UK)

          Korea's brush(Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea)

          Splash of imagination, New language o f Korean Ink (Jung gallery)

          KIAF 2008 World Art Fair, artist program(Coex)

          ‘Their First and Their Start’ (Sam Cheong gallery)

          Seoul Arts High School 55 th Anniversary Exhibition( Sejong Center for the

          Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea)

2007   Hongik University, China Central Academy of Fine Arts planning exhibition   

          (Beijing, China, China Central Academy of Fine Arts KAPA GALLERY)

          'Hello Chelsea! 2007'((PS 35 gallery , New York , U.S.A)

          Pocheon Asia Biennale (Pocheon Bonweol Art Hall)

2006   The National Art open Studio run by National Museum of Contemporary Art

          (The National Goyang Art Studio)

          The National Art open Studio `SUB` Exhibition-run by National Museum of           Contemporary Art(The National Goyang Art Studio)

          Gallery Jung Competition to discover new artists - artists projects - (Gallery Jung )

2005   Yeo Baik Group Exhibition(Insa art Center)

          Young Artists Exhibition (Busan Tower Gallery, Busan, Korea and Ulsan,

          Museum of Modern Art, Ulsan, Korea)

          The Grand Art Exhibition of Songeun ( Seoul Art Center-Hangaram Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2004   Today's Brush and Chinese Ink, The Evocation of Grace(Gongpyong Art Center)

          The Grand Art Exhibition of Songeun(Seoul Art Center-Hangaram Museum)

          Toyama Suiboku Triennial(The Suiboku Museum,Toyama, Japan)

2003   Yeo Baik Group Exhibition-‘Communication'(Maronie Museum of Art)

          The Grand Art Exhibition of Songeun(Gongpyong Art Center)

2002   Didim-Naedim Exhibition (Ga-na Art Center)

          The Yookgap Gate Project ( Han-River park ,The Yookgap Gate)

          Seo Se Ok, Kim Duck Ki, Koo Bon Exhibition(Sindoricoh cultural space)

2001   The Identity of Young Artists(Chuwa Gallery,Tokyo,Japan)

          Didim-Naedim Exhibition(Dukwon Gallery)

          Exhibition of Dong-Dong(Gongpyong Art Center)

2000   Meditation in a Box-Man and Nature(Gongpyong Art Center)

          Wisedom of the classics, Life of modern people(Gongpyong Art Center)

1999   Exhibition of human relationships(Ga-na artside.net)

          Exhibition of That Pine Tree on the Nam-mountain(Gongpyong Art Center)

          Exhibition of Pil-Mook(Gongpyong Art Center)


2013   Arts Council of Korea, Fund for the Advancement of the Arts, Visual Artist

          Selection Arts Council of In -Cheon Province, Visual Artist Selection

2012   The Gasong Art Award (Gasong Foundation, Gong Art Space)

          Selected art projects by Incheon Cultural Foundation(Incheon Cultural Foundation)

          Incheon Art Platform Artist Residency Selection (Incheon Art Platform)

          Young Women's Cultural Award (Women's Cultural Network, Ministry of

          Culture and Tourism)

2011   Song-Am Cultural Foundation OCI Gallery Artist in Residence (OCI Gallery

          Creative Studio)

          Artwork reprinted in high school art textbook (Kyohak Press)

2010   Goyang Cultural Foundation Award 'Empathy ' (Goyang Oullm Art Center)

2009   Il-hyun Travel Grant Award Winner

          Arts Council of Korea, Fund for the Advancement of the Arts, Visual Artist

          Selection Korean Culture Center, Remarkable Artist of the year (Paris France)

2008   Korea International Art Fair (KIAF 2008) Artist Program Selection

2007   ‘Hello Chelsea! 2007’Artist Selection (PS 35 Gallery, New York, NY)

2006   Arts Council of Korea, Fund for the Advancement of the Arts, Visual Artist


          Arts Council of Gyeonggi Province, Visual Artist Selection

          Song-Eun Cultural Foundation Grant Award Winner

          National Museum of Contemporary Art, Goyang Creative Studio Artist in 


          Gallery Jung New Artist Selection

2005   The Grand Art Exhibition of Songeun Winner (Seoul Arts Center, HangaramMuseum)

2004   The Grand Art Exhibition of Songeun Winner (Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Museum)

          Toyama Suiboku Triennial Winner (The Suiboku Museum,Toyama, Japan)

          Arts Council of Korea, Fund for the Advancement of the Arts, Visual Artist


          Arts Council of Gyeonggi Province, Visual Artist Selection

2003   The Grand Art Exhibition of Songeun Winner (Gong-pyeong Art Center)


2010   Supported by Seoul Foundation and Arts and Culture 2010, Korea

2008   Young Portfolio 2008 of Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Art, Japan

2006   Discoveries of Fotofest 2006, Nominated by Anne Tucker, USA

2006   Supported by The Korean Culture and Arts Foundation 2006, Korea


Seoul Museum of Art

National Museum of contemporary art, Korea

OCI Museum

Incheon Culture Foundation


2012   Incheon Art Platform Artist Residency, Incheon Art Platform

2011   Song Am Arts & Culture Foundation OCI Museum residency program,          

           OCI Museum Art Studio

2006   Goyang Art Studio residency program, National Goyang Art Studio


2014   American drama Sense8, Wachowski Brothers Director, Art Collaboration

2012   Peace Art Project - Korea, China, Japan- Yellow Sea Project Planning

          (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon Culture & Arts Center)

2010   Circulation Art Project Planning- ART and ENVIRONMENT (M-50 Shun Art

          Gallery. Shanghai, China)

2005   APEC 2005 KOREA an Indian ink painting animation (2005, 11, 8

          KBS1 television broadcast)


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